Elitnet’s API Exposure Platform is a feature-rich platform built for simple management of telco API exposure to third parties. The product features an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) which enables management of policies and users related to certain APIs.

API Exposure Platform is used to manage access to the telco APIs provided by the Communications Service Provider (CSP) to any third-party users. It allows setting certain policies and plans (sets of policies) for particular APIs or users.

Policies available off-the-shelf include authorization, authentication, quota, blacklist, whitelist, time-restricted access, URL rewriting, and a wide range of other policies. Custom API usage policies may be defined depending on the CSP’s requirements.

All organizations, policies, plans, users, and APIs are managed via a single full-featured GUI which allows creating, editing, deleting, and publishing any of the above-mentioned entities. The GUI also features multiple user roles with specific sets of permissions.

The product is integrated with the CSP’s alarming and monitoring systems and features a high level of fault tolerance, horizontal scalability, high availability, and zero downtime during maintenance.


For more information about API Exposure Platform, please contact us using the link provided above.

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