Elitnet’s Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC) provides MNOs with functionalities required to support location-based services on mobile networks.

GMLC is responsible for event processing and reporting subscriber location information to the required endpoints. It can provide network services and authorized third parties with standardized subscriber location information access via the MLP protocol.

The product is based on Elitnet’s Agate TAS and connects to network resources such as SMLC and HLR via the Dialogic SS7 Stack. GMLC enables the deployment of various location-based value-added services on the TAS.

GMLC is always deployed on at least two servers, ensuring the system’s high availability. It is also integrated with the operator’s monitoring system to ensure smooth maintenance. GMLC provides the operator with complete information about all events which took place in the system, providing easier issue detection and resolution.


For more information about GMLC, please contact us using the link provided above.

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