Elitnet’s USSD Gateway converts USSD messages to SOAP and vice versa, providing a high-level API for USSD service implementation.

It serves as a high-speed platform for secure USSD-to-end-user interconnection. The platform is integrated with all necessary network nodes and existing applications and interacts with network signalling channels and billing systems.

The USSD Gateway efficiently delivers interactive USSD content to the mobile network operator’s subscribers and maintains continuous real-time interaction without depleting a substantial amount of network resources. The platform also enables operators and third parties to quickly and efficiently deploy new value-added services which enhance user experience and function on any GSM mobile device.

The platform is highly scalable, enabling easy future development and expansion. Moreover, SS7/MAP developer skills are not required to create a USSD service, leading to further cost savings and allowing the operator to collect additional revenue from USSD services provided by third parties.


For more information about USSD Gateway, please contact us using the link provided above.

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