Elitnet’s Switchboard provides the CSP’s enterprise subscribers with best-practice call monitoring and control capabilities via a web-based GUI which visualises all of the enterprise’s users and calls.

The product provides users with an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface for presence monitoring and advanced call control and includes a sophisticated call queue management console for call centre agents.

Due to integrated IM/SMS for internal communication and presence notifications, the service improves the enterprise’s collaboration capabilities. To be even more beneficial to the organisation, the service can be integrated with enterprise address books and web-based CRM systems to improve automated and/or manual call processing and distribution.

The product has a high demand among business subscribers due to a clear graphical representation and intuitive control of all the enterprise’s calls. Additional simplicity and productivity provided by the service allows the CSP to attract and retain enterprise subscribers and boost revenue from an increased volume of successful internal and external calls.

Switchboard is typically deployed together with Virtual PBX and Virtual Call Center, allowing the operator to provide enterprises with a full package of high-value telecommunications services.


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