Elitnet’s Encrypted Communications Server (ECS) is an open-source-based product for secure communications which encompasses a feature-rich Android and iOS application for encrypted voice and video calls, messaging, and file sharing and a private server for secure communications within closed user groups/enterprises.

The application, which features encrypted voice and video calling, real-time messaging, secure image and file sharing, and group conversations, is combined with a private server which handles all communication between separate clients. The server may be based in the cloud or hosted in a private secure location.

The product features top level encryption for voice and video calls, messages, and shared files of any type. The product uses the Signal cryptographic protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems, which is widely considered to be one of the most secure encryption protocols currently available in the market.

The product combines the following encryption methods to ensure total privacy and security for the users:

The architecture of ECS encompasses two entities: the Client (the application on the user’s device) and the Server (a centralized private server which relays some key communications between clients):


For more information about ECS, please contact us using the link provided above.

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