Elitnet’s Virtual PBX is a feature-rich, innovative, multitenant PBX service which is hosted by the CSP to deliver comprehensive call control functionality which allows enterprise subscribers to implement advanced communication / collaboration models and increase employee reachability, eliminate lost calls, and optimize internal and external communication.

Subscribers can use advanced call control features such as intelligent call forwarding, multi-party call control, and call routing with no initial or scale-related investments in their infrastructure.

The product ensures convergence between circuit-switched and packet-switched (IMS) networks, allowing enterprise users to utilize the service from different devices. Virtual PBX also features an integrated WebRTC client, enabling high quality voice and video communication via a web browser. Enterprises can also set custom IVR announcements and build an IVR tree via a web-based Online Routing Tool.

Virtual PBX serves as a backbone for delivering other high quality enterprise services, including Switchboard (to provide integration with enterprise’s IT systems and visualise call and presence monitoring / control in an intuitive Web GUI) and Virtual Call Center (to perform advanced rule-based automated call distribution and provide convenient interfaces for call centre agents and managers).


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