To meet the ever-growing requirements of their subscribers, Communcations Service Providers (CSPs) have to constantly increase the range of offered services and ensure their reliable delivery. One way to monetize on such new business opportunities without sizable initial investments is to collaborate with third parties in providing services to end-users.

To facilitate this process, CSPs use telecom Application Programming Interfaces (telco APIs) which allow third party service providers to connect to the mobile network and send/receive the information required to run their services. This enables CSPs and third parties to simplify implementation of new business models and increase the number of potential customers.

Elitnet’s CSP Service Management solution enables CSPs to manage their telco APIs in a single intuitive easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The solution allows users to manage access to the APIs provided by the network by setting up plans and policies and managing users allowed to use certain APIs.



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