Elitnet‘s Entitlement Server (ES) provides communications service providers with a wide range of service entitlement capabilities, allowing only authorized subscribers to use specific services.

The product features eSIM provisioning for primary and secondary devices as well as Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi), and 5G service entitlement. Entitlement Server is fully compliant with specifications related to eSIM provisioning and entitlement of various services, including Apple entitlement ecosystem and specifications from Samsung and GSMA.

In addition to service entitlement use cases, ES product comes with a wide range of other features and functionalities, including various device authentication types (EAP-AKA, OpenID, two-factor authentication, etc.), Websheet integration, multitenancy support, graphical user interface for management and administration, and a powerful statistics and reporting engine.


For more information about Entitlement Server, please download the product datasheet or contact us using the links provided above.

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