Elitnet’s Data Analytics Platform (DAP) is a high-performance data analysis platform which covers data collection from multiple sources, AI/ML enabled data processing, and powerful reporting and monitoring tools.

The platform provides a set of built-in data processing applications/data processors (such as Fraud Prevention, DDoS Attack Detection, etc.) and is open for creation and deployment of new applications. The platform also provides a rich set of tools for data analytics.

To provide both excellent reliability and outstanding price performance, DAP uses a combination of open source and branded systems for data collection, storage, and processing.

The architecture of DAP is designed to ensure horizontal scalability, high availability, and zero downtime during maintenance, allowing the CSP to easily expand the platform’s capacity without influencing its performance.

The key nodes of the platform include the Data Collectors, which collect network data from various sources, including SS7 traffic (via Dialogic Signaling Stack), real-time data traffic (via Napatech boards), CDRs, log files, and other sources. The data is then processed and pre-filtered by the Rule Engine and passed on to the Data Bus component using Apache Kafka open-source software.

The Stream Processors and Batch Processors analyze the data and search for any anomalies, while the NoSQL Database is used for large-volume data storage. The platform also contains Provisioning, Monitoring, and Alarming components which ensure flexible platform configuration and real-time performance monitoring.


For more information about the Data Analytics Platform, please download the product datasheet or contact us using the links provided above.

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