Elitnet’s extensive portfolio of value-added services (VAS) for consumer market subscribers encompasses call control and charging control VAS. Highly flexible and scalable, these services feature inter-network operability and can be deployed on both SS7 and IMS/VoLTE networks.

All of Elitnet’s call control and charging control VAS are deployed on Elitnet’s Agate TAS, a robust, open, and flexible Telecom Application Server which ensures convergent service delivery across SS7 and IMS/VoLTE platforms, five-nines (99.999%) availability, horizontal scalability, and zero downtime during maintenance.

Most of the value-added services require integration with other network resources via the Agate TAS Resource Adapters. To provide the required functionalities, VAS may also be integrated with Elitnet’s Messaging Center, USSD Gateway, or GMLC or their equivalents available on the CSP’s network.

In addition to running the VAS available off-the-shelf, Agate TAS facilitates new custom service creation with open standards and APIs, allowing the CSP to quickly address new market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.


Elitnet’s call control value-added services provide the CSP’s subscribers with a range of convenient voice call-related functionalities, including various call forwarding and routing options, the ability to use multiple numbers with the same device, and the ability to conveniently communicate with subscribers who are unreachable at the moment of the initial call.

Call Screening enables subscribers to route incoming calls straight to their mobile phone, automatically direct them to voicemail, or reject them with a busy signal or a pre-recorded message. The service is highly flexible and enables subscribers to set specific rules under which calls are blocked or sent to voicemail.

Intelligent Call Forwarding allows subscribers to set up custom call forwarding between their preferred devices depending on the caller, the time of the day, the day of the week, and the subscriber’s current location. In addition to being routed to a particular number, calls can be directed straight to voicemail or any device which is available at the time.

Call Barring enables subscribers to set up custom call blocking by type, including outgoing calls, international outgoing calls, incoming calls, and incoming calls while roaming. Depending on the subscriber’s preferences, the number can only accept incoming calls while blocking outgoing ones or vice versa.

Alternative Number provides the subscribers with an ability to use a second number without purchasing an additional mobile phone and SIM card. The service provides the subscriber with safety and confidentiality in various situations where disclosing the real phone number would be unsecure or undesirable, i.e. classified ads or mobile dating.

Follow Me enables incoming call redirection to multiple destinations, enabling the subscriber to be easily reachable at all times. The service offers configurable call forwarding conditions, allowing the subscribers to choose the circumstances (i.e. phone busy, call timed out, phone turned off or out of coverage) under which incoming calls are forwarded to another device.

Notify Me allows subscribers to order an SMS or USSD notification when the person they are trying to call becomes available in case the call they are trying to make is unsuccessful due to the called party having their phone switched off or being busy/out of network coverage. Consequently, the subscriber does not have to redial every few minutes to check if the called party became available.

Callback On Busy allows subscribers to request for an automatic callback when the called party is busy and cannot take their initial call. IVR is used to initiate the callback service, e.g. “The subscriber is busy, please press 5 to request an automatic callback.” Once the called party finishes their call, an automatic callback is initiated by the network.

Callback For Prepaid Roamers allows roaming prepaid subscribers to send a callback request by dialing a prefix before the target number. The USSD trigger is sent to the subscriber’s home network, which in turn initiates an incoming call for both parties. The call can then be charged as an outgoing one for the prepaid roamer.

Elitnet’s charging control value-added services allow the CSP to improve customer experience by offering a wider selection of charging rates and reducing or eliminating bill shock. Various instances of reverse charging are also available, allowing prepaid customers to retain the possibility of making phone calls even when they run out of balance.

Pay For Me implements reverse charging functionality and enables pre-paid subscribers to place calls at the called party’s expense. When the service is enabled, it is only activated when the subscriber has no balance available. In such case, the subscriber can still make calls, but the called party hears a predefined IVR message informing about the call and asking them to confirm their agreement to pay for it.

Call Me allows subscribers to initiate call requests to subscribers of any mobile network. The service is particularly useful to prepaid subscribers, as it allows sending call requests with insufficient balance. After the caller initiates the request, the called party receives a predefined SMS or USSD message with the caller’s number and a request to call them back.

Premium Number Restriction allows subscribers to avoid unexpectedly high bills for unintentional calls or messages to premium-rate services by blocking outgoing calls to premium numbers. The service is controlled by the subscriber, who can activate and deactivate it via SMS or USSD. It can also be turned on by default for the operator’s new subscribers.

Premium Call Advance Notice notifies subscribers when they attempt to contact a number with an increased charge rate. When a call to a premium-rate number is detected, the subscriber is notified via IVR about the exact rate of the impending call. The subscriber can then choose to drop the call to avoid paying the increased rate.

Balance Notification automatically alerts subscribers whenever they approach a pre-set postpaid bill limit or prepaid balance. The service is aimed at helping subscribers to avoid unexpectedly high bills and be in full control of their expenses. For prepaid subscribers, the service also functions as a warning system which ensures they do not unexpectedly run out of balance.


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