Elitnet’s Emergency Call Location Reporting solution reports mobile network subscriber location information to emergency centers on demand when an emergency call is placed. The solution uses the standard MLP protocol for reporting location information.

The solution encompasses Elitnet’s Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC) which is responsible for event processing and reporting subscriber location information to third parties as well as a graphical user interface (GUI) which provides access to real-time location information, statistics, historical location information, and system configuration.

The carrier-grade solution is based on Elitnet’s Agate TAS and Dialogic SS7 Stack. It is deployed on multiple servers, ensuring the system’s high availability, and integrated with the mobile network operator’s monitoring system to ensure smooth maintenance. The solution provides the operator with complete information about all events which took place in the system, providing easier issue detection and resolution.

The solution does not perform call routing and is only responsible for providing location information for any active or recent emergency calls. The solution’s architecture enables integration with both 3G and LTE networks.

In addition to ensuring smooth communication with the emergency center, the solution allows the operator to provide third parties with standardized subscriber location information access via the MLP protocol.



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